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Carrying in the cold

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

It can be difficult to know what to dress little ones in when the weather is chilly. Whilst we want to keep little ones and ourselves warm, we also need to consider how to do so safely. Here are our top tips and things to think about.

* Thin layers for both of you. Snow suits aren't recommended due to the risk of overheating, potential slumping down inside, too much padding around little one's face and the inability to tighten the sling/carrier properly (much like car seat straps). Thin layers such as fleece all in ones, on top of normal clothing, are much safer and easier to use.

* Snowsuits and thicker padded layers can make good positioning very difficult. Children can end up with a very straight position rather than the deep seat that we would optimally aim for.

* Extremeties (parts that aren't covered by the sling/carrier - head, hands, legs, feet) need to be kept warm too. Hats with under chin ties can be useful for older babies who like to throw them off. Some thin fleece suits have fold over parts for the hands but I also use mittens sewn onto string, again to stop them being chucked off! We sell Moomo Baby Leg Warmers so check out our shop or message us to purchase those!

* Think about what you are wearing too. It's much easier to get a good carry with little one under your coat than over it.

* Babywearing coats are great and well worth the investment, particularly for multiple children. You can also pick up carrying fleeces quite cheaply. Alternatively a larger sized coat will usually do up at least over little one's feet, or there are various covers that go over your sling/carrier. You can also buy extended panels for any zip up coat. We have babywearing coats and sling covers available to hire in the library. Another tip for back carrying is to put your own coat on backwards!

* Make sure your little one's airway is clear and not in any way obstructed by scarves or your coat. You should be able to see your child's face at all times.

* Your sling counts as at least one layer, more if a stretchy wrap or layered woven carry. Your child will also be getting your body heat ,and you theirs.

* Think about the footwear you are wearing if it's wet/icy/unstable ground. Walking boots are usually more grippy than wellies.

* The age of your little one is also something to take into consideration. If they are walking and therefore in/out of the sling then they may need more layers than a young baby who is sitting against your body heat.

If you need any more help, please do message us.

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