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It's too warm to use a sling....isn't it?! Our guide to warm weather carrying

So it’s warming up and you’re (understandably) unsure about using your sling/carrier in the heat. There are plenty of options to make carrying more comfortable for both of you - read on to find out more! Hopefully by the end of this you will feel reassured and ready to get out & enjoy the sunshine. If you need any help or want to hire a cooler sling/carrier, please do get in touch.

All this information comes with the caveat that it’s obviously perfectly OK NOT to use your sling or carrier if you don’t want/need to. Using your pram or staying put is absolutely a valid choice. Slings/carriers are a tool to be used when they work for you.

If you do want/need to use your sling/carrier whilst it’s warmer, here are our top tips for keeping safe in the warmer weather.

  • Think about clothing - thin, natural fabrics will be cooler for both of you. Try and put any layers (e.g. cardigans) over the sling so you’re not stuck boiling underneath a sleeping baby. Dress baby in less layers than you think, you can always tuck a muslin into the side of the sling/carrier. Remember to count the sling as at least one layer (depending on type) when considering what to dress them in.

  • Remember extremeties that are outside of the sling. Ensure baby’s head has some protection with a sun hat. There are some fantastic options that tie under the chin to stop them throwing it off! A light, large muslin tucked into the sling can protect baby from sunlight or there are some suncreams that are suitable from birth. Consider Moomo baby leg warmers (unlined) to protect baby’s legs/feet.

  • Stay hydrated - baby and YOU! Make sure baby is feeding well and consider taking baby out of the sling/carrier for regular feeding breaks. Having an insulated water bottle for you can make sure you are drinking plenty. A damp muslin between you both on very hot days can help you feel cooler.

  • Consider the type of sling/carrier and cooler carrying positions to keep you both cool. Back and hip carries are often much cooler than front carrying. Carriers like the Kahu Sunshine, Integra Solar and Mini Monkey Mini Sling are great for hot weather, and there are muslin/thin versions of stretchy wraps, Close Caboos, wraps and ring slings.

  • Take a break as often as you need. There are no medals in parenting, so do what works for you! If you need to use your pram, do it! However if you need to use your sling/carrier, make sure you’re taking a break when you and baby need to. A shady spot with space for baby to have a kick about and hydration is perfect!

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