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As we are in unprecedented times, these terms and conditions where relevant supersede our standard operation t&cs. If you would like clarification, please get in touch.


Postal hire specific update to our terms and conditions (all other terms and conditions still apply):

  1. Hire is £5 per week. Hire does not start until the sling arrives with you. The sling should be returned to us by the hire end date. 

  2. All carriers are checked, washed and dried before being stored until the next hire. If you wish to wash your sling on receipt, please ask us about the best way to do so. 

  3. Please let me know if you are unwell during or after the hire so that I can ensure the sling is treated as necessary.

1. Loan Form 

A. A Loan form must be completed for each carrier you borrow with your full name, address and contact details, loan charges, deposit values, return method and return due date.
B. Your personal details will be kept in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and will only be used to contact you in relation to your library loan.


2. Loan Cost and Duration 

A. Up to two carriers may be borrowed at any time. Once a carrier is returned another loan may be made. 

B. The loan period (except for our free stretchy and caboo hire scheme - see Section 3) is at our discretion. For additional days beyond the hire period that has been fully agreed on the loan, we charge a minimum of £5 per week or part of.
C. Each sling/carrier loan costs £5 per week.
D. Carriers that are returned early will not receive a refund on hire fees.


3. Free Stretchy Wrap Hire Scheme

A.Our free stretchy wrap hire scheme is open to all babies under the age of 12 weeks. 

B. Initial hire period is for 1 month. When this ends, you have the option to return it, keep the stretchy wrap/Close Caboo on hire at a cost of £5 per week or buy a stretchy wrap from us. 

C. All usual terms and conditions apply. 


4. Deposit 

A. A deposit is required for each loan. Deposits can be secured by leaving card details (which are securely stored as per 1B above), storing your card details on Square (our electronic payment system). If you do not wish to do so, then you will need to do this by cash deposit. Cash deposits will be returned in full and hire forms with card details will be destroyed following the timely return of the carrier or accessory undamaged with all instructions and any additional accessories. If you choose not to store your card details, the amount of deposit is shown below:

Stretchy wrap/close caboo £50

Ring sling £50

Meh dai £60

Buckled carriers (including half buckle) £100

Woven wraps £80


B. The replacement of any lost carriers, accessories or instructions will be paid for out of your deposit or by charging the card on file. Charges for items damaged beyond normal wear and tear will be judged on a case by case basis. 

C. At our discretion, deposits may be reduced or waived for active members of the sling library.
D. We reserve the right to charge your card on file for late fees or replacement costs of carriers, as per section 6.

5. Payment Methods
A. Loan costs are payable by card, Square invoice, cash, cheque, bank transfer or PayPal payment. 

B. Deposits may be given as card, cheque, cash or PayPal payment, and are refunded by the method given.

C. Any hire or extension that is not paid for within 3 days will be subject to daily fees of £1 per day for every following day of non payment.

6.Late Returns/Payment

A. It is usually possible to renew the hire of the sling at our standard rate of £5 per week, if this is done on or before the day that it is due to be returned. Payment can be made by card, Paypal, bank transfer or cash. 

B. If you return your carrier late, we will charge £1 per day (or part of) late fees for every day past the agreed returns due date. 

C. If you do not pay an invoice within 2 working days and we have not previously agreed this, we will add additional administration fees at £1 per day.

D. Under adverse or unforeseen circumstances we may reduce or waive fines for late returns as long as the late period is less than 3 days and has been fully agreed by us before the end of the loan period. 

E. If we do not hear from you within 10 days of the hire ending we will consider the carrier lost and keep the deposit/charge the card using the stored details for the full retail amount. If we are unable to receive the deposit amount, we will begin legal proceedings. 

F. If you are unable to return your carrier by the agreed date due to Library staff illness or holidays, we will extend your loan period for free and agree a new returns due date with you. 

7. Returning Carriers 

A. Returns can be made to any of our drop in sessions or by prior arrangement to one of our volunteers' home address, or via post. Carriers returned by post are at your own risk and we advise you use Recorded or Special Delivery. The carrier must arrive by its return due date.

B. If a carrier is lost in the post, full retail value will be charged. As in Section A, please ensure it is adequately insured to cover yourself. Clients remain liable for the full replacement value until we receive the carrier or replacement amount.
C. Hire fees will be charged until receipt of original or replacement carrier.

8. Condition of the Carrier 

A. All carriers are checked before lending to ensure that they are in good condition and working order. The borrower may check the condition of the carrier prior to the start of the loan and must confirm on the loan form that it is in working order. 

B. It is the borrowers’ responsibility to check over the carrier before every use. Check all buckles, hems and seams ensuring that there are no tears, breaks, cracks or holes. If any damage is discovered, please stop using the carrier immediately and contact us for further advice.

9. Safe Use of Carriers 

A. All carriers are provided with instructions for safe use and these can be found either on the manufacturer’s website or by contacting us. 

B. The borrower must read all safety, use and care instructions provided prior to using the carrier. Carriers must only be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. 

C. All carriers are extremely safe when used properly, however misuse can cause injury to yourself or child. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are using the carrier correctly and that your baby is safe at all times. Northampton Slings cannot be held responsible for any accident that results in injury or death whilst the carrier is in your care. 

D. We suggest that after familiarising yourself with the instructions given, you then practice using the carrier with a doll/teddy or cushion/pillow so that you get used to the tying/fastening/adjusting methods. 

E. Always ensure that you seat your child correctly in the carrier and check any knots regularly as children do not stay still and straps and wrap passes can move or become loosened. 

F. If you feel any pain while carrying your child, change the carrying position or remove the carrier. 

G. If you are unsure about anything you read in the instructions, are not sure what you’re doing or are at all concerned, please ask us. We can give you advice or point you in the direction of lots of helpful sites to give you tips to make sure you’re getting the best out of the carrier and using it safely.

H. Wearing your child is ultimately your responsibility, when you take away a carrier you are doing so having checked the carrier, and omitting any liability of Northampton Slings during, whilst and after you are carrying your child. 


10. Care of Carriers 

A. Under no circumstances is it permitted to smoke whilst wearing or holding the carrier. Please inform us if you are a smoker, or if there is a smoker in your home as we will need to carefully launder the carrier after it is returned. Smoking is known to increase the risk of cot death for babies, and these risks have also been linked to babies being in close contact with clothing or objects contaminated with smoke particles. 

B. We cannot guarantee that there are no marks or hairs on the carriers we lend. Carriers are spot-cleaned and laundered if necessary. If you would prefer to use a freshly laundered carrier please request this before you borrow. 

C. Please therefore avoid washing the carrier. 

D. Spot clean any marks when they occur using a gentle soap and water and all carriers MUST be returned clean with any marks suitably addressed. If you feel it is necessary that the carrier is washed while on loan to you, please contact us first for advice. 

E. We cannot guarantee that there are no animal hairs on our carriers, but we ask that all carriers are kept away from pets to minimise this possibility. If you are very allergic to animal hairs, please request that the carrier be laundered before you borrow it to help reduce any potential reaction. 

F. Food and posset marks are expected when carrying children, but please keep the sling away from anything that may stain more permanently (oil, paint, pens, etc.), or anything that might damage it (scissors, Velcro, keys in your bag, fire, etc.). The cost of damage beyond normal wear and tear may be removed from your deposit. 


11. All slings, carriers, instructions and accessories remain the property of the Northampton Slings at all times, and all loans are subject to availability and our discretion. 


12. Workshop, 1:1 consultations and other bookings
A. All workshops and consultations require payment in advance to secure your place/date of choice.
B. You must contact us at least 24 hours in advance to cancel.

C. If you are unable to attend on the day due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, you may transfer your workshop place once/rearrange the consultation once, subject to availability. 


We hope that you will love your purchase from Northampton Sling Library & Consultancy, but we understand that you may wish to return your item(s).

We can only accept returned items that are unused and in their original as new condition. Items must be in their original intact packaging, with all tags, labels and instruction manuals undamaged. We cannot refund items that have been worn or washed. Returned items must be in fully re-saleable condition.

We do not accept returns for item purchases when you have already seen the item in person, such as (but not limited to) at a Consultations, sling library sessions or hire to buy.

Once we have received the returned item, we will send you a full refund for the purchase price of the item(s) within 14 days of receiving the item(s) back. We will refund to the credit/debit card or PayPal account that you used for the original purchase.

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