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Alongside face to face availability, we will continue to run our services online including postal/non contact sling hire. 

Our full risk assessment is available to view here:


  1. All appointments must be pre-booked. These will be 1:1 (a consultant and your family with a maximum of 2 adults) and you will book a 20 minute time slot. Please arrive at your appointment time to reduce waiting. 

  2. There will be markings of 2m distance and these must be adhered to. 

  3. Hand gel will be available and hand washing facilities are available in all of our inside venues. 

  4. All slings will be quarantined and washed between uses. Whilst only one of these is necessary, this is to reduce the risk to volunteers. 

  5. We will, wherever possible, have separate slings for consultants to demo and for you to try on. This may not always be possible and in that case we will discuss with you what you would like to do (possibilities include us demoing and you trying on if you are comfortable, us demoing and you taking away the sling on hire to wash before trying, you trying on the sling whilst we talk you through it). 

  6. We will have separate demo dolls to enable you to try before hiring or purchasing. All dolls will be cleaned inbetween appointments. 

  7. You will need to complete a hire form before attending. For payment, please either ensure you are set up on our invoicing system, bring a contactless card or be able to pay by bank transfer or PayPal.

  8. Our Consultants are undertaking twice weekly lateral flow testing, and all of our Consultants have had both Covid vaccines. 

Outside venues:

  1. We will have blankets and/or cones marking out 2m distance. Please adhere to these at all times.

  2. We may need to change or cancel the date/time depending on the weather in which case you will receive a full refund of your booking fee. 

  3. Hand gel will be available.

Inside venues:

  1. All high contact touch points e.g. door handles will be cleaned between appointments.

  2. We will come and open the door for you when you arrive whilst maintaining appropriate distance. 

  3. We will be wearing masks and would appreciate that you use a face covering. If this is not possible or you don’t feel comfortable in doing so, please get in touch and we can make arrangements. 

  4. Please wash your hands on entering the building.

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