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Buckled carrier tips and tricks!

The majority of problems we see with buckled carriers, whether it’s comfort or fit, can be fixed with some very simple tweaks. We see so many people who are struggling with what they already have and are looking for another option. Sometimes it’s a very easy fix to work with what you already have. Please do book on to one of our in person or online sessions if you’d like to have some help in fitting your carrier more comfortably.

* Cross strap carriers digging in to your neck This is a super simple fix. See the diagram below! Pulling the strap down towards the floor before pulling it across into the buckle can make it more comfortable. It can also mean that the fabric is smoother across the child's back.

* Make sure the waistband is parallel If the waistband is a different height at the front to the back, this can cause pulling on the back, hip and/or stomach areas. Check that your waistband is parallel all the way around and secure enough that it doesn’t move if you push down onto it. Also work out your waistband height. Think about where you would like baby to be sitting on your chest when you are carrying them. This can be different for everyone!

* Check baby’s position Ensure baby is in the ‘M’ position that we talk about in our library sessions with knees higher than bum and all the weight in baby’s bottom. If baby doesn’t have a deep enough seat, you can do a pelvic tilt to modify this.

* Check your chest strap is at the right height This can be a very simple but effective tweak in making your straight/ruck/H strap carrier work for you. Having the strap too high can cause it to dig into the top of your back/neck and too low can mean it digs in under your arms. Where exactly it needs positioning varies from person to person but aim for the middle of your back and try from there!

* Ensure the sling is tightened enough Overtightening can be as uncomfortable as the carrier being too loose. Ensure that the waistbands and straps are comfortably tightened and the child is positioned comfortably (see point above).

You should be able to put your sling on by yourself. If using a cross strap carrier, support baby and the buckle with one hand whilst reaching for the other strap behind you. If using rucksack/H straps, do it all up including the small strap and loosen off enough to get over your head then tighten.

Please do get in touch if we can help in any way!

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